Friday, 16 January 2015

Almond Tomato Pesto From Manjari's Kitchen

Winter has made me lazy. I struggle every morning to get out from under the quilt, and when I finally manage to scramble out of bed, I throw myself on the couch, pull a shawl around and stay there for hours. I haven't been cooking much either. Today, however, I had to will myself to cook because I was due sending in my entry for the Kolkata Food Bloggers' event "Know Your Blogger" where every week one Blogger is declared the Star of the Week and the rest of us cook and post about something from her blog. This star of this week is Manjari Chowdhury of For the Love of Food

Manjari is not only a fellow blogger but a goof friend too. She is a delight to be around. What is more delightful than her nature is the food she cooks, especially the gorgeous cakes and breads she bakes. Her blog is not only a treasure trove of recipes, it also offers a lot of helpful information related to cooking techniques, ingredients, etc. She knows what she is talking about and that makes her blog a safe place to go to if it is good food you are looking for. 

 I have had the chance to sample few of her chocolaty treats. Once it so happened, at a food festival we were both attending, Manjari whispered from across the table,  "There is something for you, something I have made." I could no longer concentrate on the food in front of me, the same morning I had seen one of her posts on Facebook, a gorgeous chocolate tart, I had not been able to get my mind off. What are the chances that the something she had brought was a slice of that decadent chocolate tart? I couldn't wait to get out of the restaurant we were dining at. 

About half an hour later, we were finally in the privacy of my car and Manjari brought out a box from inside her bag. I was stuffed after all the food we had had at the festival. The very thought of food made my stomach lurch dangerously. But then she lifted the lid off the box and I squealed in delight. It was after all a slice of the chocolate tart I had been fantasizing about. And though my stomach continued to protest all the while, I preferred listening to my heart. And thank heavens I did, because that was in fact the most delicious slice of Tart au chocolat I have had and I am a tart fanatic. 

However, I chose to make one of her savoury dishes instead. I wanted a quick fix lunch and there was pasta at home. What could be better than muddling up a great pesto and making a pasta lunch out of it. So I made Manjari's Almond Tomato Pesto. I did add my own little touch to it,butostly i stuck to her recipe. It is easy, flavourful and light! I loved it, so would you. 


Tomatoes - 2 large (blanched and peeled)
Almonds - 12-15 (blanched and peeled)
Mint leaves - 7-8 
Garlic cloves - 5-6
Fresh Grated Parmesan - 2-3 tbsp 
Olive oil - 1/4 cup 
Chili flakes to taste 
Salt to taste 


Put all ingredients in a mortar and muddle away with a pestle, streaming in olive oil from time to time. Finally, add salt to taste and top it off with some more olive oil. Have it on your pasta done al dente.

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  1. Thank-you for your very kind words Priyadarshini. I absolutely love the look of this pasta. I am surely going to add the Parmesan from next time because it sounds so delicious. :D