Monday, 26 August 2013

First shot with some chocolate, chili and rum

 I choose to turn a deaf ear to all the hullabaloo about healthy eating. The only determining factor when it comes to what I put in my mouth is TASTE, superlative taste or at least the promise of it.

My relationship with food is a dangerous one. I am obese. No, let's be honest. I am morbidly obese. And one advice I get often is 'Stop eating'. Well,I wont and we'll have to work around it.

For someone like me Good food is like that bad-ass boyfriend amazing in bed and though he can be a little abusive he is too hot to let go. So, yes, my relationship with food is ...well it's complicated and messed up. OK, now I am babbling.

Coming back to food...It's not that I only love to eat, thought it is the part I like the most, I love to cook, feed people, photograph food, write about food and yes, talk about food. I wouldn't mind if every conversation of my life pertains to food. They say there's a DEVILISH flicker in my eyes when I discuss food. I drool too.

Anyway finally I have decided to get blogging...have been contemplating for long though. And I am hoping to take you readers on a epicurean ride aboard a roller-coaster. 

And I thought lets start the journey on a sweet note and hence I decided to share with you the latest sweet goodness I whipped up in my kitchen, only it's not just sweet.

So, Sultry August Sundays are synonymous to boredom. And whenever I am bored I head for the kitchen. Only the heat in the kitchen is unbearable, so now a days I only make desserts in the living room, my mother's incessant ranting notwithstanding. So, yesterday I whipped up a chocolate pudding, a recipe I found on the net (, but the last thing I am is a pedant in the kitchen (Shall post about the book by the same name soonish) so I took the recipe added a couple of things to it , took away a few things and voila I had made my very own Rum and chili chocolate pudding.

 And here's the recipe!

Rum and chili chocolate pudding 

1/2 cup plain sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tbsp corn flour
2 cups of milk 
2 tbsp rum (or more)
1 tsp chili flakes (can vary according to your taste)
2 tsp Vanilla extract


1. Mix sugar, corn flour and cocoa in a bowl.
2. Stir in milk little by little so that you have a smooth mix.
3. Microwave the mix for 3 minutes on high.
4. Bring out and stir the mix, whisk it a little.
5. Now put it back in the micro for 1 minute. Bring it out, stir the mix again with a whisk and put it back in the micro for another minute.
6. Repeat step 5 once more (or twice, depending on the consistency you desire)
 7 Finally stir in the vanilla extract, swirl in the rum and sprinkle the chili flakes. Stir lightly and with utmost care.
8. Cool, chill and serve.


PS. There could be a rum and raisin version too, I am thinking. 

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