Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sunday expedition: Sausage Frittata

During weekdays I cannot, to save my life, wake up before the clock strikes 11. I have a job but I only have to reach office at 12:30 in the afternoon, so.... Rather lucky that way.

On Sundays, however, I wake up before everyone else. It's not like I plan to, but my eyes simply pop open at an 'unearthly' hour like say 6 'o' clock. I spend the next hour or so in bed debating whether I should turn the day into a productive one, pack in activities (fun activities) or enjoy a lazy Sunday. And I can do lazy like nobody else.Before I can decide my stomach does and impossible somersault and I postpone the decision making till after breakfast.

Till sometime ago my mother was in charge of planning Sunday's breakfast, I have taken charge now. My dad couldn't be happier since his customary Sunday morning trips to Flurys have become few and far between.

And my Sunday mornings are just the way I like the kitchen, surrounded with food, my father's enthusiasm (he asks if I am done every 3-4 minutes...most of the times the poor man is screamed at and threatened with the possibility of Maggi for breakfast) and the sounds and shouts that make my home. So, this Sunday I tossed up a neat Sausage Frittata.

And before I share the recipe with you, let me share a bit about the sausages I used.

If you are on Free School street, keep your eyes open for a tiny hole-in-the-wall called Kalman's Cold Storage, (right after Kathleen, if you are coming from the New-Market end of the road). Some of you might know the place, but I hadn't a clue until sometime ago. I was introduced to Kalman's a few months ago by a friend cum colleague, also a culinary expert, and I was bowled over by what they had in store. The charcuterie is easy to miss but once you have spotted it, you'll keep going back.

The place has an interesting history, apparently founded by a Hungarian trapeze artist, but that's another story. But the point is that Kalmans definitely serves the juiciest sausages in the city, or may be in this part of the country. Besides, there's salami, meat loaves, frankfurters, hotdogs, roasts(on order) and and a crazy assortment of other meaty delights. So the sausages for my frittata came from there.

Now for the frittata. Quick, easy and something to play around with.

Sausage Frittata
(Serves 4-6)

10-15 sausages cut into thick roundels
A binch of spring onions
4-5 Baby tomatoes cut in halves
1 tbsp Ginger julienne (optional) 
Chili flakes (to taste)
Salt to taste
1/2 cup Milk
6 Eggs
Parmesan cheese

1: Whisk milk and eggs. Stir in salt and chili flakes and keep.
2: Warm butter in a pan. Add the spring onions and toss it for a minute or two. Add the sausages and fry for a while.
3. Now throw in the tomatoes and toss for a while. Add the ginger juliennes at this point.
4.Add the egg and milk mix. Cover and keep it on low heat for 10 minutes. Mid way through add grated Parmesan. Serve ones done.


PS. Binch (a word I chanced upon only recently) means a bunch and a little
Use parsley instead of spring onions only add it just before adding the eggs instead of right at the beginning. 



  1. Nice One!! the dish looks yummy and your writing is obviously needless to mention that...

  2. I love the Hungarian Sausages from Kalman and love putting them in chili and goulash, besides applications such as these!