Friday, 7 February 2014

Salmorejo de Remolacha

One of my cousins had brought back a mammoth box of chocolates for his brand new girl fried from his trip to the US last fall, they broke up two weeks later. And from what I have heard the box of chocolates were to be blamed. Well, supposedly, this girl was on a diet and my brother's gift ruined everything, they fought over the issue for a fortnight and then decided to part ways. She had told my cousin that she hadn't touched the chocolates but then she never returned the box.

And then there is a couple I know who never go to eat out because they are "care about their lives." I have nothing against eating healthy though, and I do not believe that eating healthy should boil down to compromising on taste. So I though I must have something among  my Valentine's special picks that is both fancy and healthy. The answer is Salmorejo de Remolacha — Cold Beetroot soup with Avocado cream. It is healthy, yes and it is has two of the most potent aphrodisiacs known to mankind — Beetroot and Avocado. Besides, this dish is a looker and screams mush all the way.

I owe this recipe to my friend Angona who brought it back from the cooking classes she took in Seville last year when she had gone on a Spanish vacation. It is extremely simple to make and light on the palate. Don't expect a flavour fest, enjoy the subtlety.


Boiled Beetroot - 2
Garlic -1/2 a large clove
Olive oil - 300ml
Vinegar (preferably sherry vinegar) - 1tbsp
Salt to taste
Fresh cracked pepper (optional)
Avocado - 1
Olive oil - 150 ml


In a blender toss in the boiled beetroot (cut in cubes), garlic, olive oil,vinegar and salt and make a smooth puree.

Scoop out the avocado flesh, put in a blender with olive oil and make a smooth creamy puree.

Pour the beetroot puree into a bowl, spoon in a scoop of Avocado right at the centre and keep in the fridge to chill.

I say, serve it with a dollop of sour cream.


  1. 300 ml. olive oil AND its supposed to be healthy????

    1. Yeah it did cross my mind but then I thought it's not like one person is consuming it all! And it is cold olive oil, has it's health benefits and at least wouldn't get your send your cholesterol level soaring....and no trans fat!!!!!!!! NO?