Saturday, 22 March 2014

Aam Dhonepata diye Aloor Dom : Aloo Dum with raw mangoes and coriander leaves

I couldn't explain in mere words my love for potatoes. I wouldn't attemt to either lest it kills the essense of that love, oh so pure, oh so sacred.

Anyway, talk of potatoes and you cannot ignore the aloo dum and it is amusing and exciting how many different kinds of aloo dum there are and how many more there could be. And I am not just talking about regional varieties. In our kitchen alone at least 20 different kinds are made. And some of these are so simple to make that it's surprising.

My didun makes an aloo dum with nothing but some ginger, tomatoes and seasoning. It has a runny, soupy gravy and not much of a looker. But taste it and you won't be able to stop easily. then there is this other one that's basically potato stewed in yoghurt and spiced with a special mix of dry roasted spices ground on a grinding stone. Anyway last evening I added yet another recipe to our family my raw mango madness contiues I have tossed up an aloo dum with raw mangoes and fresh coriander leaves. It's a tangy and spicy kick that'll leave you licking your fingers!


Baby potatoes – 1kg
Cumin seeds – 1tsp
Ginger paste – 2 tbsp
Raw mango (grated) – 1
Chopped green chilies –4-5 tbsp
Finely chopped raisins – 2tbsp
Coriander leaves paste – ½ cup
Coriander powder – 1tsp
Salt and sugar to taste
Chopped coriander leaves – ½ cup packed  
Mustard oil  


Boil the baby potatoes is salted water, remove skin and cool .

Heat mustard oil and add cumin seeds. Once they flutter add the ginger paste and fry for a couple of minutes.

Now add the raw mangoes, the coriander paste, green chilies, raisins, coriander powder and salt one by one and fry until oil separates. Add sugar and once it melt add the potatoes.

Toss the potatoes in the masala on high heat until they are laces with the spices and add a cup of water. Stir and bring to a boil.

Add the chopped coriander leaves. Reduce heat and cook until the water reduces and leaves you potatoes laced in the gravy. We want It dry but not quite. 

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